You trust Northwest Hills Credit Union to provide you and your family with quality products and services to meet your financial needs. We've joined with a dedicated team of insurance professionals to bring you MEMBERS Auto and Homeowners Insurance.

Term Life Insurance 

Term insurance has been a popular form of life insurance since the 1950s, and continues today to play a key role in meeting the most basic life protection needs of members. Unlike permanent plans, term life furnishes insurance protection for only a limited number of years, and because term typically does not build cash values it can often be purchased reasonably. For members who need to ensure that obligations can be met after a death—obligations such as paying off a mortgage, funding a child’s education, or protecting against business losses—term can be the right product at the right price.

Features of term life insurance include:

  • Basic life protection coverage
  • Level or flexible premiums
  • Level or decreasing coverage appropriate for a variety of needs
  • Four distribution channels: face-to-face, call marketing, direct mail, and Internet

Here’s how your credit union can benefit:

  • Strengthens PFI relationship with members
  • Provide term life insurance options to members

Your members will value the ability to:

  • Meet basic life protection needs
  • Furnish protection only for the period needed
  • Pay off a mortgage, fund a child's education, or protect against business losses in the event of death

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life is the cornerstone upon which the life insurance industry was built. For more than a century, this product has set the standard against which every new product innovation is measured. In the process whole life insurance has met the needs of literally hundreds of millions of men, women, children and families as well as businesses. So while insurance products have changed dramatically over the last few decades, whole life has continued to serve as a "rock-solid" protection choice well-matched to a broad cross section of markets and individuals.

Features of Whole Life Insurance include:

  • Provides stable and secure life insurance coverage
  • Guarantees death benefits
  • Offers flexible selection of riders
  • Distributes through three channels: face-to-face, call marketing, and direct mail

Here’s how your credit union can benefit:

  • Strengthens PFI relationship with members

Your members will value the ability to:

  • Have a whole life policy that meets their specific needs
  • Answer only two underwriting questions for our Two Question Whole Life
  • Choose between participating and non-participating plans

To find out which life insurance plan best matches your family's "size and shape," call Credit Union Member Services toll-free at 1-877-636-2377. 

The insurance offered is not a deposit and is not federally insured by NCUA. The insurance is not guaranteed by the credit union nor an obligation of the credit union. The insurance may lose value.