About e-Statements

e-Statements are a convenient way to receive your Credit Union statement. You no longer have to wait several days after the first of the month to receive your paper statement in the mail. With e-Statements your statement is normally available on the first of each month.

Click here to sign-up for e-Statements, complete and submit! It is as easy as that!

You will receive an email when your statement is available on the first of every month! Enjoy this FREE service from your Credit Union!

Sign up for VISA e-Statements today!

Log in to Home Banking, click on Services and then click on View Statements. If you already have e-Statements, you will have to click on the link at the bottom of the screen. Now you can add your email and/or just check the boxes for statements (which is your member statements), credit card (for your VISA Statements) and E-Alerts.

Once you are set up, every time you go into Services and View Statements, you will have a drop-down box for Document Type to choose the statement you want to view: Docman Statements (which are your member statements), VISA Statements and HELOC Statements (if you have a HELOC).