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The Northwest Hill's Credit Union is active in many local events. These include: St. Jude Telethon, Torrington Park & Recreation’s Winter Carnival, NW CT Chamber Home Show, Car Shows on Main Street, International Credit Union Day with a Flu Clinic every October and much more...

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You (the member) are currently leaving NWHCU's web site and are linking to a web site not operated by the Credit Union; Northwest Hills Credit Union is not responsible for the content of the alternate web site; Northwest Hills Credit Union does not represent either the third party or the member if the two enter into a transaction ; Privacy and security policies may differ from those practiced by the Credit Union.

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Holiday Skip-A-Payment!!

Take advantage of a little extra cash when you need it. 

Qualified members may use the Skip-A-Payment Program once within a six month period to skip one payment on auto, personal and share secured loans with no adverse impact on their credit scores.  For a small fee, the due date is advanced and the funds can be used for whatever purpose you choose.


Please read these Terms and Conditions before completing the

application on the following page.

Northwest Hills Credit Union offers a Skip-A-Payment program to members in good standing which allows members to skip one (1) loan payment within a 6 month period when certain conditions are met.

A member must be current on all credit obligations with Northwest Hills Credit Union at the time a loan payment is skipped.

  • A member must have no late payments on any credit obligations with Northwest Hills Credit Union within the previous six (6) months before a payment is skipped.

  • Only loans that have had six (6) or more monthly payments since origination are eligible for the Skip-A-Payment program.

  • Real estate secured loan payments, government subsidized student loan payments and credit card payments are not eligible for the Skip-A-Payment program.

  • If applicable, the terms of your GAP coverage on auto loans will be affected if you skip more than 2 payments during the term of your loan.  See GAP waiver included in your closing package for coverage exclusions.

  • A Skip-A-Payment Application form must be completed by a member wishing to skip a payment.  Each signer on the original loan note must sign the Skip-A-Payment Application Form.

  • The Application form must be received by the Credit Union at least five days prior to the due date of the payment to be skipped.  Approval will be determined prior to the due date.

  • A processing fee of $25.00 will be collected for this service and may be paid by check or a deduction from a Credit Union share account.  The processing fee will not be added to the loan balance and a late charge will not be assessed for any approved skipped payment.

  • Interest will continue to accrue during the period when no payment is made, which may change the total amount and schedule of your repayment.



    Skip-A-Payment Application


    Please complete this application if you would like to apply for the Summer Skip-A-Payment service.   

All Terms and Conditions as stated above must be met in order to qualify for the Skip-A-Payment service.

Member Name:


Account Number:


Home Phone:


Daytime Phone:


E-Mail Address:


Suffix Number:


Payment Amount:


Month to Skip:

Circle:   December, 2018 or January, 2019 

Deduct $25.00 Service Fee

From:                                          Savings:_______       Checking:_______       Check Enclosed:_______


By signing below you hereby agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Skip-A-Payment program and request that Northwest Hills Credit Union allow you to skip one loan payment on the loan identified above.  You authorize the service fee to be deducted from your account specified above if this form of payment was selected.


All signers on the original loan note acknowledge and authorize, upon approval by the Credit Union,

the loan payment to be skipped as requested.



Borrower Signature                           Date


Borrower Signature                           Date

Fax Application to:  860-489-4486

Mail Application to:

Attn: Skip-A-Payment

Northwest Hills Credit Union

339 North Elm Street

Torrington, CT  06790

For Office Use Only

Employee Submitted: _____________________________    Date: ____________

Approved: _______________________________________    Date: ____________   

Revised 9/21/2018